Landscaping Supplies & Lawn Seeding in Bowling Green, Ohio

Come to D & D Landscaping Supply in Bowling Green, Ohio, when you need high-quality landscaping supplies. You can also count on us to help you grow your lawn with our lawn-seeding services.

We Supply a Variety of Mulch Options

Choose from double-shredded hardwoods in a variety of colors, including dark brown, chocolate brown, red, black, and Cyprus. We sell our mulch in bulk by the yard and quarter, but we are also willing to fill your trash can with mulch. Delivery may be available, depending on your location. Please call for details.

Purchase Your Topsoil from Us

You can choose our premium topsoil that is both clean and sifted, or our un-screened and unfiltered topsoil which is perfect for gardens, flowerbeds, and lawns. Our topsoil is sold by the yard and quarter. Delivery availability depends on your location, please call for details.

Get your Stone Here

On site we have a variety of stone available, for you driveway needs we carry 411s & 6s and for your landscape needs we have small, medium and large River Rock. If you prefer a different decorative stone for your landscape beds we have samples in the office for you to look at.

Hydro-Seeding Services

We offer hydro-seeding, silt-seeding, and over-seeding, as well as patch work for residential and commercial lawns. Our services also include leveling, grading, and road work.
Landscaping Mulch in Portage, OH.
Our Landscaping Truck in Portage, OH.
Contact us today to request more information about our lawn seeding services and the landscaping supplies we have on hand.